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AlpineTint Solar Control Window Film Tint

Solar Control Films

‚ÄčNatural sunlight in the home and office provides ambience and opens up a space, but too much can be harmful and annoying. Solar control window films can maintain natural light while eliminating glare, reducing hotspots and saving you money on heating and cooling by creating a more even inside temperature. Solar film also provides a barrier from UV light entering through windows and protects furniture from fade. It also benefits the environment by helping you consume less energy.

Many films offer an optically clear view, meaning that you don't notice the film on the window. Other films provide a reflective or tinted finish that can enhance the look of your windows. Reflective film has the added benefit of providing privacy by blocking views into your home or office.

Benefits include:
  • heat rejection - efficient heat rejection means improved comfort
  • energy costs - reduce energy costs by up to 30%
  • fading - block 99% of UV light to prevent fading of your furnishings
  • glare - control glare to improve visual comfort for computer use and reading
  • privacy - helps you maintain your privacy
  • UV protection - equivalent to SPF 285
  • custom look - select from a wide selection of shades and colours
  • environment - carbon negative solutions that positively impact lives

Dual-Climate Films

These films are designed to keep the heat out in summer and keep the warmth in during winter. Achieves results like low emissivity glass with year-round savings on energy and carbon usage.  Can increase your insulation ability by up 88% providing more consistent internal temperatures across all seasons. As its 99% UV resistant it prevents furniture and flooring fade.

It's like double-glazed windows at up to half the price!
AlpineTint Dual-Climate Window Film Tint
AlpineTint Frosted Window Film Tint

Frosted Films

Secure your privacy day and night with a frosted window film. Ideal for internal home and office windows and external glass. Give your windows a special touch with a frosted window film, with a range of designs and colours to select from. Also, if you are building a new home or are renovating and are required to comply with government regulations regarding neighbour privacy, you can apply a frosted window film as an alternative to opaque glass which can save you money.

Common applications include:
  • bathrooms & toilets
  • front entrance areas & doors
  • glass balustrade & entertaining areas
  • internal office windows and doors
  • government agency offices
  • conference rooms
  • retail environments
  • private offices & partitions

Decorative Films

Change the appearance of your glass, turning it into an attractive feature without the need for replacement.

Common applications include:
  • conference rooms
  • lobbies
  • retail environments
  • private offices
  • exterior windows
  • partitions
  • glass splashbacks
AlpineTint Decorative Coloured Colored Window Film Tint
AlpineTint Safety Security Window Film Tint

Safety and Security Films

An invisible barrier against personal injury, vandals and in safeguarding property, safety film provides increased protection for the general public, families, business owners and customers. The film protects from shards of glass on breakage and makes entry through a window difficult.

High-tensile polyester safety film is applied to one side of the glass. It strengthens the glass and prevents it from splintering into shards. The other benefit is that it blocks 99% of UV rays that contribute to interior fading, particularly relevant for protecting business merchandise in shop fronts.

Common applications include:
  • homes (particularly homes built pre-1987)
  • schools, child care centres and kindergartens
  • factories and shop fronts
  • bus shelters
  • public spaces
  • workplaces where safety glass has not been installed

Anti-Graffiti Films

A transulcent film that protects surfaces such as mirrors, marble, stainless steel, windows and other non-porous surfaces from paint, key scratches, marking and even acid-etching. The film is easily removed and replaced and is a far less expensive alternative to replacing glass, mirrors, stainless steel or marble - surfaces that are often vandalised with graffiti.

We also supply and install an exciting new product which allows permanent marker to be wiped off with a dry cloth! It has a high chemical resistance (without the smell or toxic fumes) so all existing graffiti-removal products are safe to use, thus protecting the surface beneath from the effects of these harsh chemicals.

Common applications include:
  • bus shelters
  • trains and buses
  • public toilets
  • delivery truck or courier vehicles
AlpineTint Anti-Graffiti Window Film Tint
AlpineTint Safety Strips Window Film Tint

Safety Strips

We can supply and install 75mm high safety strips with standard patterns to choose from, or we can use your own custom design or logo.

The safety strips comply with both Australian standards AS1288 and AS1428.

Window Signage

Promote your business the way you want with product options to match your branding needs. Talk to us about your custom design ideas and we can help you to decide on signage that's right for your business.
image-1387133-alpinetint-signage-window-film-tint(1).jpgAlpineTint Window Signage Window Film Tint